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Welcome to "Let's Make a Machine Appliqué Wall Hanging" – where we're diving into the world of fonts, specialty stitches, and creating a one-of-a-kind quilted masterpiece that'll have your walls singing with style! 🎨🧵

In this class, we're not just quilting; we're crafting a visual symphony with machine appliqué. Learn the tips and tricks to play with fonts, turning your quilt into a canvas for your creativity. Whether you're a font fanatic or a stitching novice, this class is your ticket to a wall hanging that's uniquely you.

Discover the magic of specialty stitches as we delve into the art of embellishment. From zigzags to swirls, let your stitches dance across your quilt, adding that extra touch of pizzazz. It's like giving your wall hanging its own sparkling personality!

So, grab your fabric, fire up that sewing machine, and let's make a machine appliqué wall hanging that's not just a quilt – it's a work of art that'll leave everyone in awe. Because in this class, we're not just making quilts; we're making statements!

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Let's Make a Machine Applique Wall Hanging

$14.95 USD

  • Learn machine applique and take your quilt to the next level. Personalize your quilts with names and text for unique gifts

    • Machine applique circles
    • Learn to do inside and outside points
    • Learn to do inside and outside curves
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Lynn Rinehart

Fiber artist, certified quilt appraiser, quilt designer, fabric lover, fabric collector and lover of quilts. That’s really just a long way of saying that she is a quilter! Lynn is active in several guilds and quilt groups. She designs her own quilts and continues to quilt outside of the box, bringing in her natural curiosity about color and how it affects quilt designs.

She is blessed with a wonderful husband, two Saluki hounds children named Phoebe and Phineas, and a longarm named Clementine. To learn more about Lynn’s quilt appraisals, visit her Cotton Art Studio website, or follow her on social media @CottonArtStudio.