Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Making the Quilt
    • Dapper Fabric
    • Cutting for Blocks
  • 3
    Pomade Block
    • Pomade Block
  • 4
    Dapper Block
    • Dapper Block
  • 5
    Borders and Couching
    • Create Pieced Border
    • Couching Dapper Prep
    • Couching Dapper
  • 6
    • How Do I Quilt this?

Course Features

  • 2 Blocks

    Get cutting, piecing, and pressing instructions the two blocks used in the quilt center

  • Embellishment Instructions

    Learn to embellish your quilt top with bias tape applique to personalize it.

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Instructions for the quilt are provided as part of the course materials. The colors are up to you!

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