The Psalms Collective

an online community dedicated to unlocking creativity through studying the Psalms

What is the Psalms Collective

Welcome to the psalms collective where you can learn how to unlock your creativity by walking through the book of psalms one week at a time.

Join Lynn and Mike as they guide you your creative journey. Whether you are a professional in your creative field or you are just beginning, join us and other like minded people as we partner with God to show us how to become our true creative selves. 

What do we do each week?

Each week we will

  • Read a chapter of the Psalms
  • Speak it out loud (read out loud to yourself)
  • Write the chapter out in your handwriting
  • Create something
  • Show and Tell Live Stream

Membership Includes

  • Video

    A video reading of the weekly Psalm by Lynn
    The Psalms Collective weekly podcast "And Whatever Else"
    Opportunities to see "And Whatever Else" recorded live

  • Music and Media

    Access to exclusive music
    Live "look-ins" while Mike works on new music projects
    Videos of creative tips covering a wide range of subjects
    Access to current classes and new classes as they are released

  • Social Media

    Access to an exclusive Facebook Group
    Access to impromptu Live Streams
    Opportunities to help others grow in their creativity
    Access to exclusive merch