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National Quilting Day

Broadcast live on Mar 16 at 3pm US Eastern

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What to Expect in This Lecture

  • Quilt Block Challenge

    We've given each other a fat quarter of fabric two weeks before the event, with the requirement that each have to make a quilt block from it. This exercise will include discussion on color value, placement, print scale, and more.

  • Mystery Shop My Stash

    We'll unveil a piece of mystery fabric from a friend that neither of us has seen before. Each will do a live "Shop My Stash" segment and pull fabrics from our own stashes that we think would work with the mystery fabric, and explain our choices.

  • Q&A

    Make use of the forum here on the learning platform to ask questions about color theory or the exercises we've done!

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  • Pam Cobb  and  Lynn Rinehart

    Hosts of The Stitch TV Show

    Pam Cobb and Lynn Rinehart