Course Features

  • 5 Techniques

    Learn five different techniques: crazy quilting, organza/tulle overlay, fabric dyeing, fabric weaving and couching, and thread sketching and embellishments

  • Step by Step Instructions

    Learn new techniques with full video instructions and handouts with helpful reminders

  • Fun

    In addition to hand-crafting gifts for friends and family, learn a little about the history of postcards throughout the course.

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Crazy Quilted Postcard
    • Crazy Quilted Postcard and Supplies
    • Crazy Quilted Postcard Handout
    • Crazy Quilted Postcard Sewing
    • Crazy Quilted Postcard Embellishments and Specialty Stitches
    • Crazy Quilted Postcard Finishing
    • Just For Fun: Crazy Quilt Trivia Quiz
  • 3
    Wish Upon a Star Postcard
    • Wish Upon A Star Postcard and Supplies
    • Wish Upon A Star Handout
    • Wish Upon A Star Sewing
    • Wish Upon A Star Sewing Embellishment
    • Wish Upon A Star Finishing
    • Just For Fun: Postcard History Trivia Quiz
  • 4
    Calling Bird Postcard
    • Calling Bird Introduction and Supplies
    • Calling Bird Handout
    • Calling Bird Fusible and Background
    • Calling Bird Thread Sketching
    • Calling Bird Finishing Technique
    • Just For Fun: Postcard History Trivia Quiz
  • 5
    Floral Fabric Weaving Postcard
    • Floral Fabric Weaving Introduction and Supplies
    • Floral Fabric Weaving Handout
    • Floral Fabric Weaving Background
    • Floral Fabric Weaving Sewing
    • Floral Fabric Weaving Couching
    • Floral Fabric Weaving Finishing
    • Just For Fun: Postcard History Trivia Quiz
  • 6
    Painted Inspiration Postcard
    • Painted Inspiration Introduction and Supplies
    • Painted Inspiration Postcard Handout
    • Painting Inspirations Postcard Background
    • Painting Inspiration Postcard Thread Painting
    • Painting Inspirations Postcard Embellishment
    • Painting Inspirations Postcard Finishing
    • Just For Fun: Postcard History Trivia Quiz


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